400 down (Day 1.5)

As Tandem RAAM approaches Congress AZ and Time Station 6, they’ve successfully ridden four hundred hot and hilly miles over the past 28-ish hours. While there is plenty of pavement left to this journey, let’s take a moment just put 400 miles into perspective… It typically takes about 8 hrs (if you’re not a maniac) to drive 400 miles; it’s about the distance from Boston to D.C.; it’s what I rode my first YEAR tracking bike miles and I was pretty darn proud of myself. While 400 miles is just a fraction of RAAM and what Ann and John logged on their training rides/races, my goodness it’s still a lot of miles.

JandA tracker 3

It also wasn’t the easiest 400 miles. The daytime temps in AZ are hot and the elevation gain is impressive this portion of the race. The elevation profile below shows elevation for the entire route and the little dots are all of the riders along the course. They essentially climbed from sea level (or about 200ft above sea level) to over 6,000 ft above sea level. They won’t even reach the max elevation of over 10,000 ft for another couple days, so let’s all keep cheering them on as the pedal through some monster mountain passes!


In closing, let’s all give the Tandem RAAM crew a little hip-hip hooray! The pictures pretty much say it all — road side laundry service and ice cream smoothies. We may all want to rent these guys for our next cycling vacation! Rock on Tandem RAAM!



2 thoughts on “400 down (Day 1.5)

  1. You are doing it! Out living it! Inspiring us all! Go, go, go! You are rocking it! Thanks so much for your courage, commitment, and love!


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