Ode to Denny’s (Night 2)

After 400+ miles, lots of climbing, and excessive heat Tandem RAAM was do for short break and a good meal, but at 2am Denny’s is pretty much what’s available. (I’ll apologize in advance to any Denny fans). Menu snobbery aside, it was a welcomed opportunity to chug coffee and spend a brief moment off the road. As of 9am, John and Ann plus crew have been at it for over 40 hours, not to mention the hours of preparation before their race even started.

As a reminder of how RAAM is so much more than pedaling a bike and staying awake, logistics get tricky when you have a 24-hour non-stop race. Especially as they travel through the western U.S. where services, and towns for that matter, can be spread out over vast distances. It requires careful planning by the crew to ensure they’ll have everything they need in the wee hours of the morning. Leader Christoph Strasser can attest to what happens if you run out of spare gas!


Daylight hours may be a little easier for the crew to manage food purchases, refueling, and general maintenance of bikes and riders, but today will bring lots of challenges for Ann and John. They have some major climbs up ahead, and some scorching temps to contend with as well as construction detours. You can expect some modest speeds and mileage gains (compared to earlier in the route) as they pace themselves wisely through this next section of the route.

While keeping in mind the challenging day they have ahead, I’m very happy for the brief moment Tandem RAAM got to sit down, share a cup of joe, and relax in the comfort of a Denny’s. Thanks Denny’s.

JandA tracker 4

elevation 3



2 thoughts on “Ode to Denny’s (Night 2)

  1. We are following you and your amazing crew! Keep the pedals turning! You two are amazing! Best, Marlies & Patrick


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