(Day 3) 800 miles & Mexican Hat

JandA tracker 7

John and Ann are rolling along and have hit the 800 mile mark about 13 miles outside of Mexican Hat. When I first met John about 9 years ago, shortly after his last RAAM finish, he told me about descending out of Mexican Hat; hitting about 50 miles an hour, getting speed wobbles :-0. Hopefully the tandem is a smoother ride this time around.

As it stands, Tandem RAAM has about 140 miles to Durango and about 8 hours to get there. I’ll be routing for them the whole way back in NH and I know I’m not alone.

NOTE: I’ll be updating a little less frequently over the weekend. I’ll be heading out for a tandem tour of my own. Please check http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/live-tracking.html or tandem raam facebook page for more updates.



One thought on “(Day 3) 800 miles & Mexican Hat

  1. We are cheering you on! What an accomplishment. Keep racing smart and doing your best. Best to your crew and you! Sincerely, Marlies & Patrick


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