‘Even the Downhills Are Up’ (Day 2)


Just over 50 hours into RAAM (it’s about 8:30pm EDT on 6/15) and Tandem RAAM has cycled 570 miles. Based on the tracker, they’re taking a brief stop just outside Happy Jack, AZ and are just about at the high point of a grueling climb.

JandA tracker 5

Ann and John have about 45 miles with an elevation loss of 1,500 ft until their next Time Station in Flagstaff where the RV waits for them. There are certainly a few up hills between them and Flagstaff but nothing like the 6,000 ft of climbing over the 58 miles they just passed over from Camp Verde to Happy Jack (see map below).

happy jack map

Map Above: Camp Verde AZ to Happy Jack. 6,000+ ft of climbing in less than 60 miles.

From Flagstaff to Tuba City (just east of the Grand Canyon) is about 75 miles with a lot of elevation loss. Hopefully, the night will be cool(er), and quiet as the get to descend out of Flagstaff. Hopefully these downhills won’t be going up, John.


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