To Durango! (Night 3)


There’s no denying it, yesterday was brutal. The excessive heat and monster climbs coupled with sleep deprivation took a little bite out of Tandem RAAM. For anyone that’s ridden a tandem before, you know that climbing does not come easily on a tandem (and if you haven’t, now you know). It takes a little more force to get those pedals around and causes fatigue faster than a single bike. It’s HARD!

Last night John and Ann took some time to regroup, and rest in order to focus on the road ahead, setting their sites on Durango. As of 8am (EDT) this morning, they were just outside of TS 10 Tuba City, AZ. Today, Tandem RAAM is riding steady and ready to take on Durango.

JandA tracker 6

Durango, CO is about 400km (250miles) to the northwest and will land them officially in the Rocky Mountains. In endurance races, I always find it important to have micro-goals. Sometimes it’s the next control/checkpoint/mile marker. Don’t ever think about the finish line. Just move your legs and look at the road ahead. Every step or pedal stroke is a win.

Here’s Tandem RAAM’s goal for today: Durango by midnight. They’ll have about 10,000ft of climbing and 2 major climbs (see map below, elevation profile on left). It won’t be easy but they’re amazing athletes fully capable of getting there.

tuba to durango

They’ll still have another 500+ miles of Rocky Mountains to bike through before they find themselves in tandem country. It’ll be a major accomplishment that will muster a ton of strength and willpower. Even though John and Ann may be a thousand miles away on a bicycle in the mountains, I know your support means the world to them. Reach out, share your support through facebook or comments below, donate to their cause and the crew will share the love. Help them keep pedaling! Can I hear a woot, woot?!


6 thoughts on “To Durango! (Night 3)

  1. Hey were are riding the Race with you. Only thing I am doing in on my computer and you guys are on the bike. Eliminator Cycling is there in sprit. Durango is one of our favorite towns to cycle. Keep on kerping on


  2. Keep it up John Durango is a great town to bad you can’t stop to enjoy it all of eliminator cycling is watching your progress keep it up


  3. To Ann and John and the Tandem RAAM team:
    You bring tears of joy to me with every photograph and post. I so wish that I could be part of the team. I know that everyone is totally busy, but I want to know so much more about what is happening… every detail (I know, “You can’t always get what you want.”) I recognize the look on your faces; working hard, smiling, pacing yourselves. I am with you every mile.


  4. Ann, John and crew – cheering you all on! It doesn’t get any harder than racing and supporting RAAM solo tandem. You are all amazing and supportive of each other. Keep your pedals turning moving to your next goal. You can do it!


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