We did it “our” way.

Kind of like dessert first…

Our honeymoon was our Race Across America (RAAM) attempt, June 13th to 17th.

Our reception was with our RAAM Crew in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (where our honeymoon was cut a little short), June 18th.

Our ceremony was at The Inn at Sunset Hill in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, July 20th. We rode our tandem to and from the ceremony. Along the way we got the Strava KOM descending the east side of the Kancamagus Highway and managed to be a little late for our own wedding thanks to a washed-out class VI road…the reason Ann has a wet head in our wedding photos; )

Since our return from our Race Across America attempt we have been very busy with work, closing all the loose ends associated with attempting RAAM and making our marriage official! We have not had the time to properly thank the hundreds of folks from our community that supported us and helped us chase a dream. That is next on our list! Until then, please know that every contribution to First Descents, our crew expenses and every pat on our backs was tremendously appreciated!


Ann and John Jurczynski



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